PS:211 – 3D Printing Week

I really want to find time to get my 3D Printer working. I have a Wanhao Duplicator I3 however it has a new hiccup, it shifts. HUGE, I need to find some time to get things printed as I love the bigger volume, but it’s never been consistent. I’ve gotten maybe 6 quality prints out of it, rest failures 🙁 Now the MP Mini – smaller build volume – it has even printed with woodfil!

Aside from that really exhausted still, have a job app in for a server admin job, a lot of catch-up from the weekend, and I really could use a massage and a nap. For now going to crash out (I hope)

PS:101 – The Fun Part of Work

Every once and a while I get feedback from a customer or two on something that’s going on, it’s nice to see folks are reading, watching. Now today the fun one happened! A customer asked for something to read!

This is 14 years of FlockHosting alone, and this is where the request came from – a customer asked me for a State of the Server Address. 🙂 Something I’ve done once or twice but juts a run down of where we are server wise, and it’s exciting to see folks pay attention and desire to see what we are working with!

I have a lot to do this week. Flockhosting has a few launches I need to get rolling with, site changes are a big one, retiring two packages for one, and fine tuning the site as-is because folks have put in feedback over time and it’s time I freshen things up!

With that, I’m wrapping up and heading to bed (I hope) this week has not been full of rest (rarely are), but I’m trying to be better about my body because it’s not feeling great lately.

PS:69 – Done.

Honestly, I’m just done. Cooked. Baked. Deep Fried. I’m done. I need a break. No stress. No fights uphill. No tough talk. Something for once to be easy after a month of hell, and yet what comes this week? Some LLC docs to be filed with the state, and start and finish taxes before the 18th (I think it’s an 18th year not 15th).

I have a pile of things to do still, just amazing how I took one ticket queue down from 25 -> 10 (it was at six at one point, but more added). I have done a lot this weekend, and more is coming it is like no matter how I slice it I can’t find a break. Wanted a nap today, but got 3 hours of sleep, and have been up since. Hoping to get these muscle spasms and tightness loosened up soon and get some sleep.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter. I am going to recognize it as a day of rest I think.