PS:213 – Nearly Working

So an update on the Hackintosh, some audio issues – which actually seem solved by adjusting some boot options, they aren’t set in stone, just this boot, but so far audio seems to be a tad more stable, camera is running smoothly, and not the same stutter I got on occasion, now if I could only remember what I took off 🙂 (I am tired)

Kiddo is asleep, she seemed to be feeling better, only 1-2 mini tantrums – looked at her as she screamed staring at me and said “Did you want to sleep down there?” she giggled and said “Noooooo” lol man I love this kiddo, she’s mid-tantrum and I ask her a basic question and she says no, smiles, gets up, helps me put away her toys (the reason she went down to the floor in the first place) and climbed up in bed ready to crash out. 🙂

But things are working better on the system, now if I could just catch-up this to-do, even tonight got another migration on the books it looks like a good 40 hour one, thankfully the last 3 migrations have mostly cooled, I do need to dig into some PHP tonight to help re-code a site that the move broke, but the code just was not safe as no matter the version of PHP I throw at it? Won’t work because security has improved and the customer coasted by on grace that their hosting company wasn’t a huge fan of upgrading PHP (because he knew it would break things) but thankfully now he’s on one of my boxes, newer PHP options, newer SQL, etc. just keep on improving.

So need to update my TaskPaper with a few new to-do’s already went through the list and closed out and collapsed the old ones. Felt good. Now to get the list updated and ready to go, have about 4 MUST do tonight’s. So off I go.