PS:8 – Meeting “Mo”

Often when I’m out and about I meeting a variety of homeless people. I recall meeting Robin, a cool little man who called me his “Blessing.” Tonight I met Mo. She was the kind of person I like who approaches me in a parking lot, stand-offish, but not afraid to talk.

She told me the story of how she was living on the streets. She was just looking for some hygiene supplies (Shampoo/Razors) and some food. We talked about how they prepare food, how she gets by with soups and such, and how ramen noodles are “the bomb” I think she said 🙂

I revisited my Target store and grabbed some supplies. I got food that’d last out and about and give meals for a few days vs. a single meal tonight. Some clean water & a sandwich, all in all, a good number of supplies to keep her going.

I love it when folks are appreciative in their response, as I told Mo once, I had a guy who wasn’t happy with some of the choices I got him – she, however, was amazed and kept thanking me and thanking me.

Lately, my heart has been in a desire to give. I’ve been buying food for folks behind me at drive-thrus, I’ve been helping homeless when I can – I just have a strong desire to give. I miss doing that.

God’s doing something fun with me. I love the desires to give. Praying Mo is blessed and moves forward with life.