PS:94 – Insomnia

My sleep has been so inconsistent lately. One night I can crash out, the next I see the sun coming up.

Now part of that I do blame Lilly for, one night I was nearly asleep, but then my beautiful little girl’s teeth started hurting, and while I was able to get her to sleep – me? Not so much.

Hoping this current round of painful teething ends soon.

In other news, migration on Friday hardware came in, wrapping it up tonight and tomorrow. Praying next migrated account goes better than the last batch!

PS:2 – Sick

I’ve been sick the last few days, even Monday I felt pretty crummy, hoping that today continues to level it out.

I hate being sick. I hate it, even more, when I’m feeling crummy with the kiddo, but she’s been feeling bad off and on too, puked the other night ­čÖü but her sick is even worse than me not feeling good. Me I can push, rest, or whatever I need to function. She doesn’t she looks to me to feel better.

One of the big things that have helped is teething tablets┬áfrom┬áHyland’s Baby. They are awesome and work amazingly well! I recently tried their cold tablets┬áto help her stuffy nose, and I kid you not, after even half a dose she was breathing easier! Much quicker than Vicks for her (YMMV) and it’s great they are on Amazon (links above) or if you prefer your local Target!

This week is going to be a busy one!