PS:144 – Launch? Yes?

It’s not perfect, nor will it likely ever be exactly what I want it to be (perfection is a journey!) so off we go.

I’m looking to launch TFH finally, no ads, no sponsorship; just Amazon links to gear, honest reviews, honest solutions, not just “Here’s a fix! Buy this from Amazon because I searched and it came up!” Nope! If it’s something I recommend, it’ll be something I’ve used/own.

For now going to try and be in bed before 2 am, or so is my goal, but for now, I think I’ve made some good headway, the theme works, room for growth later, but for now – a site is born.

Rebrand I think looks good over the old gear layout:


I would grab a t-shirt with the little guy on it 😀

PS:141 Monday.

Monday’s are never easy. Fresh schedule this week as it is summer break and thus means the Mrs. has her few months break from teaching the future minds of Merica. So a new mix up of time, may not be the final schedule for summer, but it’s a start.

Writing is short lately, tired. Been pondering some video recording for FH, and starting off walking vs. running fro TFH, really just grow it with some Q&A and get it rolling, sounds workable. Right?

PS:40 – What is TFH?

A while back I came up with an idea. Like all good ideas, they don’t go anywhere! I’ve invested money in hardware, logo design, software, and have some main articles written. For what? Tech Friendly Help.

The goal? Just as the name states: Friendly Tech Help. I’ve got a slew of article ideas, video guides, you name it. But it’s finding the time to write, properly review and so much more! Even now writing this in-between a data recovery & server migration (server 1 of 2) – Throw in a kid and all other areas of life? Oi.

So how do I move on this? Next week one of my posts here will be a welcome video that I hope to produce next week after things get rolling smoothly.

I’d love to see the site take off and be something helpful for folks. I know so many who even to me come sheepishly asking for repair of this, or should they buy that? Hope to provide a lot of great information to get a good grip on the tech that troubles you.

So stay tuned. Fun things ahead.

PS:1 – Post Something

I enjoy writing. Sadly, I’m horrible at it.

I am not your regular writer who ensures every little thing is perfect; I write to write. It’s like me having a conversation with the keyboard. So I may use a comma somewhere that one of these editors I’m relying on nowadays to learn to correct. So you may not see it as much, but trust me Grammarly alone tells to upgrade to fix issues (I probably should!).

What is this PS:1 business? Post Something. Day One.

My life gets far too busy. Stress. Work. Kid. Wife. Faith. Lack of Sleep – and I just don’t keep up anymore in the one thing that’s always given me a time to relax, writing.

So in an effort, I want to start a series of Vlog’s & Blogs to document life a bit.

I looked at the blog and saw that I have a very very low post count: 38. That’s it! At one point I had well over a thousand (if not 2k) so it’s time to get back to it. Even if it’s just to post a picture, a vlog, an update on work, even thought about doing a “Running a business” weekly update vlog, really just talk about the stresses of the week, the struggles of a small business owner.

I have a lot in mind, and I hope I can keep it up. I need the writing practice. I need to ensure that as I venture this next month into launching TFH, I’m in the groove of writing. Even trying to make a portable writing rig with an HP X360  which has been working great and has a little blue case made by Amazon Basics – a tight fit, but helps keep it safe!

New Year, New Projects, New Blog. Check back tomorrow, may not be huge, but it’ll be something written. Hello, 2016.


TFH. That’s the new site. No link. No major details. Just I’ve decided on a project. I’ve talked to a few people about it with mixed feedback, but I think I’ll give it a whirl.

What will it be? Not 100% sure. Part YouTube, Part Blog, Part Social Media Explosion! (Yes I said explosion.)

I have wanted to do a project like this for some time. I like the idea, I like the name, I like it a lot. As I build things out I’ll give some sneak peeks of the site, maybe too let friends in, to give feedback.

Been busy lately! Doing a lot of prep for this new site as I want it to be a go-getter out the door, even going to start building articles. I want to give this a honest and full resources try as a alternative source of income! (Some folks are making $8k->$30k doing this stuff!)
Leading into this next week I hope to have so many projects off the table, so much I fired a customer today. Well rather put my foot down and said “Here are my terms to keep working” a few others I am going to weed out. As an old boss went over once with folks “Angel Customers vs Demon Customers”. While these few I’m weeding out aren’t demonic they are huge time issues.
So a lot of things moving forward, projects with more hours, building out two servers tonight! Lilly Grace is having better nights! (Actually GIGGLED! in her sleep! Teething break!) I must say a nicer thing to be hearing as I work 🙂

Keep me in your prayers, a lot happening! This old body is trying to keep up!

Oh and one last thing… Who’s 1, and got a 2nd $10 Jamba Juice gift card from daddy’s IT Job? This cutie: