PS:207 – Sad Lilly.

Today was a rough day for Lilly on many levels. She too felt bad which she slept off some but even starting this post, she barely has fallen asleep. She’s teething, sick tummy, and well upset a little that I moved and her human pillow was gone lol work beckons though and I must get a lot of things done.

So far the computer is cooperating some, more and more delay in simple tasks, parts should be here tomorrow, hoping, praying, already read up on it hoping that this install is quick, easy and painfree – already have my USB install ready, webpage opened to the install guide.

In other news, a customer sent me a make your own rootbeer kit, I’ve had one before, and I have a Sodastream, but let’s be honest…. Why not? 😀 Nice to be appreciated!