PS:165 – Tires.

So I went by to order my tires, and they said: “We have them in stock, want them now?” – Sure. So I have a fresh set of tires on the truck, clean alignment. One more thing off the to-do list, also had some meetings regarding some long-term work, going to try and get quotes and such together. Busy busy busy. Did get to wander Target for nearly 1.5 hours lol but no complaints from Lilly what-so-ever, it’s her favorite store in the world.


PS:164 – Tacos & Bolts

Sounds good, right? Well, lunch seemed like a good idea before my meeting, however, while wrangling Lilly I got a lap full of Taco – so with no time to change, taco shorts were my outfit of choice for a CC processing machine & website talk with a customer. LOL at least I smelled like Del Taco!

I went to quick meeting but got there too late another customer had come in, so have a meeting tomorrow.

Rushed home to change the taco shorts, and heard a “THUNK” then drums in perfect time “tap, tap, tap, tap” the bolt.  The tire was “super close” according to the kind folks of Big-O tire, they are my current choice for replacement as they are about on-par with Costco, right around the corner, can have them by Friday it sounds like, get aligned and be on my way. Four tires, for the truck at $529.91 (gulp) not fun, but needs to be done.

Trips are coming have Sunday to a quick stay at the beach, back on the 4th (yes one day!) but then the following week at least Thursday/Friday at the lake celebrating my parents anniversary. So a lot of work to do, little time to do it, two projects in the pipeline which I did some work on tonight, but I have another bit of searching to do for one website layout.

The other is a nearly two-week programming gig which should bring in some decent money, and the meeting tomorrow may bring a big job, migration, and more. Oi. So busy busy busy.

For now, hotel booked, super tired, kiddo already asleep – I’m off to join her, as I’m just not functioning anymore! Night all.