PS:74 – …

My life seems like it’s at that point where it’s a pause. That three dot lead into what’s next… But what is it?

I honestly don’t know. I’ve had an insane month of March. Oh heck, let’s be honest even more so – I’ve had a hard couple of years in general. I’m behind in projects for my business as I take care of business for others, I just want to take a nap over that of sit in front of a camera, or write an article, or even play a video game. I want to rest.

But I press on. I move forward into the day-to-day hours of handling tickets, server issues, customer questions, emails, calls, etc. I have a server migration on Saturday for a large local client, of which leaves few margins for error/failure. So no stress at all right?

I’m tired. I’m ready for a nap. I want a day off where I can just go outside while it’s still cooler temps outside, and enjoy the outdoors before it goldens up and we are dry again. A guy can dream. For now, I wrap up work in front of me, then start the journey of Lilly going to bed.

PS:29 – Dear Relaxation

Dear Relaxation,

It has been a while. Remember when we used just to go and drive? Oh, those were the days!

Remember when every moment of every day wasn’t “GO GO GO!”? Even when we had our last 9-to-5, there were steak dinners, pizza with co-workers, there were times we had, oh boy. Fun.

Now I feel like you are a million miles away. Even the things meant to be with you, are stressful! Oh, how I wish you’d come back.

We need to plan something soon because I need it desperately.

With much love,