PS:98 – Unsure what to post.

In two posts I’ll have reached 100 posts. Honestly? Most of them aren’t what I really want to post, there is so much going on in my life. I want to type about it. I desire to vent. I desire to post it. I desire to be heard.

So when you can’t really post what you want and things are really weighing on you what do you do? Simple. Ask for prayer.

My life is insanely rough right now. So many things uncertain, so many things are sad, hurting, and could be better. Now I know everyone has seasons of hurt, seasons of sadness, and just a crappy time, I am very much wanting mine to come to an end.

So to that end, please be in prayer for my life. It needs something to change and needs something to be better. Please keep me in your prayers.