PS:302 – I want a 3D Printer. Part 2.

So as of late, I’ve really wanted to pick up a new 3D Printer kit. I just got a “kids” 3D printer in a new style called a “delta” and it’s pretty nice, a little delicate, but I love the flow of how it works.

So I found one on eBay, I played with making an offer and the seller agreed to shave off $9 from the asking price, not much but best he said he could do – it’s a kit and looks like it’d be fun.

Now I have a decently ranked 3D printer from Wanhao USA it has done great in the past but prior to moving to the new house it had nothing but issues, and sadly even after the move, it is still really hard to get sorted – I’ve tried all the tricks and tips, even a customer who deals with them said they can be a pain lol.

I recently though have been thinking about this idea I had to make it into a functional business for printing things for customers + printing out cosplay gear for some folks I know to be active cosplayer’s – but sadly without the larger printer, I can’t do the big stuff.

So it leaves the question, do I want to pursue it as a job and invest some funds? or do I simply want a fun hobby that I can just print more fun things for me? What to do….

PS:126 – Wanhao Sadness

When I started out on the idea of getting a 3D Printer I read reviews, I looked around, wanted a good balance in price/quality/build area – and the reviews from most were the Wanhao Duplicator i3 was the go to printer; it had price, quality, and decent build area compared to others.

Sadly so far my own review is not fairing so well. I’ve hit just about every problem imaginable, I’ve tried throwing a few fixes folks say but then you run into the discussions where one group say “It’s this” and another say “Oh it’s that” personally? I’m starting to think it’s a lemon, or just poorly build where it’s expected the user simply will rebuild it piece by piece.

For now I’m waiting on very slow tech support from the USA branch of Wanhao, I’ve got a thread going on the user group, and I’ve just really with as exhausted as I am, not finding it fun to tinker, was hoping to just create – so thinking sadly things may just sit for a while.

For now, I am going to finish what I can on a server conversion, and go from there.