PS:93 – Big Work Push

Taxes off my plate is a HUGE relief, but sadly I can’t play forever! (Though I so wish I could!) My day started with a fussy kiddo, not feeling good at all (teething again). I tried distraction and a drive, she did fair and then blew up all over PizzaRev.

I will say this hands down – PizzaRev on Stockdale is amazing. They cleaned up everything short of me, offered to clean up the table so we could get back to food, but as Lilly did not have it at all and felt bad, I thanked them and headed out. They were awesome. My pizza was all boxed up and delicious, but sadly I was covered in teething puke.

Lilly fell asleep on the drive home, and yes I made a stop @ Costco for Gas! But she slept to the house, and then for a while longer. Poor baby.

I, of course, got back to work, hit some tickets I had started before we left since customers had replied. I have been staging the big migrations I have this weekend for Church & Grace, two servers needing a change of location. Church’s hardware is live already for replacement, now waiting on Grace.

I wish I could get a break in here, but I want to get things back on track, if I can get this migration done solidly I can hopefully get back on track, I am still waiting for word back on a job offer, if it comes in that’d be insanely awesome.

Plenty of other projects on the horizon, more on that soon! Just put in 3 hours of work solidly debugging sites, migrating customers, ordering software licenses, etc. hope to be in bed by 2 am at the latest, but been a wild day, but went a lot more smoothly without so much hanging stress, and hopefully I’ll keep knocking it all down.

PS:66 – OnHub

So a while back Google, who likes to have their hand in many areas, and I’m a big supporter of that decided that “OnHub” their dive into routers was a good idea.

Well, I got one on sale, and figured I’d give this learning “easy” wifi router a try – and so far? Mixed. My office has mixed results when it comes to wifi. Several walls, the modem, is on the other side of the house – not ideal. The previous fix was Airport Extreme -> Wifi Extender -> Line of Sight to the office. Not great. But workable.

So my latest attempt has been to try a powerline adapter sounds like a solid plan at least – and for the most part it seems to work. “Seems”

I’ve contacted Google about it previously, but results were insanely mixed, tech ran me through some options, really fast email responses, but since it wasn’t going too hot, I went back to the more workable option with the extender.

Well, today my powerline adapters came in, and results are promising. I have it in the office directly, and the powerline is showing anywhere from 9-15Mbps. Not great considering the line can get a lot more (100Mbps at one point if I remember correctly) but seems like maybe the provider is having issues because even tests elsewhere are topping out.

But performance has been solid, less buffering for sure – which is nice when trying to wind down with Lilly. Trying to get back on track with sleep, and even if she’s not tired we are in bed and laying down, so the occasional Hulu watching is required 🙂

All in all, I’m still on the fence. Hopefully, the provider irons out in the AM, and tomorrow work is smoother more and more as I will hopefully have a more stable connection.

Work is getting caught up, wish I could say the stress is going down, but today I accomplished a TON, and tomorrow, I hope I can accomplish a ton more and who knows – maybe this weekend get some drone time! (or a nap – I’m not picky!)

PS:46 – Making Money!

So the drone videos are apparently picking up some minor popularity! I have heard from a few people they are “relaxing” and to boot I’ve got them marked for monetization so as to this point, my projected income is… oh wait for it…. it’s amazing:


Cha-Ching! I honestly didn’t set out to make money doing this, the idea was to relax, and share my time attempting to relax with others (except you get a lovely song playing while you watch) – I wish sometimes I could record the sounds around me, the breeze and the birds!

I do have a few ideas for upcoming flights, possibly this weekend! No spoilers, you’ll just have to watch!