PS:253 – The week ahead.

I can’t get back to sleep, and thus I’m enjoying some time in the word, reading in 1 Corinthians – reading it across 3 bibles, times like this I wish I had a big comfy chair to relax and read/listen (ah Bible Apps with Audio reading, NIV Listener’s Bible, voice actor is fancy).

A busy week ahead, cleaning some – a lot of things ahead this week – trying to look at the business budget for a possible re-working of all server setups, it’s pretty awesome look, and seeing if too I can re-work things to be done quietly and quickly with zero downtime by shifting some IP ranges to new hardware cluster.

3 websites need to get done, 1 customer, my two business fronts – one of the BIG goals this week to squeeze in all of this, customer is one I want to get done first, and the two I have basic layouts done, just the content – but throw in varied projects that are on-going, this should be a busy week as I know varied projects are on the docket, and rumor has it I may have an interview soon. Which would be awesome, I’m not holding my breath as my first interview to even get the side work I’ve got took months, lots of “Soon” – My app is in – and hopefully it’ll be coming soon!


PS:199 – The End.

For two years I’ve had a business relationship with a server company, and after multi-day outages, power outages, etc. the ride has ended.

Migrations are done. I’m wrapping up to go to bed as I have a meeting in the AM, Lilly, however, is wide awake, watching Zootopia on my lap. Good times. 🙂

For now my research is nearly done, I’ve cut over more DNS in the last 24 hours than I have in awhile, but so far running smoother and smoother as some customers had some hiccups with Email, but from everything I see (granting this last check wraps up before I pass out) all is well.