PS:363 – Lowered Sugar

So my RBS has been going down. One morning it was 304 – 20 days later and on meds for only 3 days – my new RBS in the AM was 171! Down 133. Boom!

Tomorrow in the morning I go to do my blood work they requested, hoping maybe it’ll paint a better picture of why the levels have been what they are, the meds, however, are indeed helping! So happy to see levels lowering. While still high, hopefully, a trend we can keep with these meds and really help get me back in shape again walking and being active as lately its been a lot of sitting.

I do need to go find something to eat, may tear up my salad today as it sounds good, but been a slow day, but as of about 20 minutes ago it started perking up, some work coming down the pipeline, so here we go!

PS:336 – Relaxing by Coding.

So one of my side little projects of late has been the coding of tools to better keep me up-to-date on my coins – my previous post (334) I mentioned the small coding project and I think I may write a small page for it and update the code as I have updates, currently on version .04:


Coins.php (v.04)

A simple API call to get the value of a coin in the user's desired currency, great for using in Google Sheets (Use: =IMPORTDATA("yoururl") or if you simply want to grab
the current value of a certain coin. Currently geared towards USD, but hope in next version to add proper currency markings for the amount conversion.

## Changelog

.01 -   First Release
.02 -   Adjustments to code & calling methods.
        Changed from XML output to plaintext for use of IMPORTDATA vs IMPORTXML
.03 -   Removed dual posting of plaintext price for import & added amount conversion.
        Commented code.
.04 -   Added Conversion for ATM without Value Text for Onion pull - Also adding $ for easier formatting on Onion curl call.

//Get Data
$url = file_get_contents("".$_REQUEST['coin']."&tsyms=".$_REQUEST['curr']."");
$json = json_decode($url,true);
//Check for Amount to Convert
if ($_REQUEST['atm'] != '') {
$value = $_REQUEST['atm'] * $json[$_REQUEST['curr']];
$tvalue = round($value,2);
echo "$".$tvalue;
} else {
//no amount? provide plaintext response for dollar amount.
print $json[$_REQUEST['curr']];

Well, it’s quite handy, feel free to use it if you need to, but basically, it’s allowed me to use my Ometa2+’s OLED screen to every 5 minutes update the current value of coins! Here’s a peek:

Enjoying it a lot, really neat to look over and not have to re-open my Google Docs, just a glance and the screen presents all the goodies.

Maybe I’ll write it all up and send it over to the Onion forums, it is simple, purely informational, but thinking about maybe converting a bitcoin icon -> LCD file and place it on the right side? Long-term if the value is huge (they say it will be) then it will overlap, but for now, a bash script, php script, and a cron job give me some info at a glance.

PS:322 – Content Written

I don’t think I have written that much in a long long long time. But I have the base copy written out and ready for some final edits, graphics, then package and cut things over, and to a new entire server for the sites!

Excited about this new setup, about the new pricing, hoping to really have some new packages coming in – a few promo options too which would be nice for some new sign-ups, maybe a landing page or two if I can squeeze it in, but so much to do and I figure I’ll get some sleep if I can get some shoulder pain down.

A productive day and most of it has actually been on the iPad. Even now I am catching up on Doctor Who Season 10 on the TV, the iPad on it’s stand, keyboard on my lap and just typing away on this keyboard been fairly comfy and productive most of the night! Bear (the writing app I use) is getting a lot of use, but I do wish Grammarly was some how tied in, would make proofing a lot easier. 🙂

For now I think I’ll get a few graphics created before I crash out. Night.

PS:321 — Gotta Move

Do you ever feel like you are simply standing still? That may not make sense, imagine you are on the coastline, feet in the water. You don’t move and the sand slowly moves around you covering your feet.  Lately, I feel like that. My feet have been stuck.

However, I have been rocking. I have been trying to get out the rut I am in because it’s sad that rut that says “Never going to change, can’t make it change” – I look at my business and I’ve honestly been a bit saddened by where it’s at.

2 years have gone by and yes my “business” has grown for a time, but it was one big contract, and sadly that contract is drying up more and more, got a good week or two in this month, but even this past week – dry as a bone.  I look at my business and it’s grown some, but honestly, it’s time for a kick in the pants.

This weekend has been about 2 things. Writing & Sleeping. Can’t believe it’s already Sunday, but the goal of this weekend is to FINISH not “get close” or “get distracted” but get it FlockHosting done, new site, new packages I’ve been working on for far too long, get it out there and see where it goes.

I’ve been blessed too that a radio station or two I know are going to create/run radio spots for FlockHosting which is why I want to really get it ready and have it ready for folks to get themselves online.

What about Thrust Networks? The perpetual “Coming Soon Page” – long ago it actually had a website attached to it created by Julie B. back in 2001. It was a great site:

But times changed, the company changed and honestly? I had more activity on FlockHosting, but now the goal is to have a strong presence on each. Really try to amp up a bit to provide some various services from each but growth is needed, moving my feet out of the sand and start walking on the beach.

I have also applied to another job position out and about – hopefully, to replace the current fading job, it’d be nice to really to being a W2’d vs. a 1099’r.

Moving forward. Monday I will have a new site live. No excuses (well short of a sick family member – but one hospital visit is enough for now!)  Thrust Networks Next, to have some gear for Thrust Networks en route too, would love to go to some meetings in town with a cool Thrust Networks Polo 🙂

Gotta keep moving forward, or as Dory would say “Just keep swimming!”

PS:307 – The PS Project

While the idea was to PS (Post Something) for 365 days in a row, I obviously failed. Some might be able to balance all of life, six companies, 2.5yr old, bills, cooking, driving, trips, etc. – Sadly in that wild-life timeline, Posting to a blog didn’t fit in the top priority listing. Which has given me pause to writing as a side job, maybe it isn’t the right time.

I need a lot more scheduling and planning if I hope to launch a site in which the primary content is my writing. Long ago with HappyPalm and others, it was easy, I was passionate about what came on my phone, what news was a trend, it was in my face, and my responsibilities were fewer.

I want to get to the point where I can write, where I can do what I’m doing right now – typing, getting my thoughts out there, or the steady improvement of recording a vLog style video to produce and handle monthly for customers, but maybe find a way to do it nightly. I need a stronger schedule. Soon.

Taxes are coming. I am dreading them on the one hand, however this next week I’m going to sit down, crunch the numbers, get it all lined up so all I need to do? Plugin numbers, add all of it into Turbo Tax, see the good or the bad, get it sorted out and got it done. I don’t want to dread till the 18th; I need to find an accountant, likely need to re-structure how I do business – anyone knows anyone trustworthy and reliable?

Work has been a tad nuts, really working to get things ironed out smoother and smoother, just been one of those things where just when you think it’s going to get easier? Monkeywrench. Last week got one of those, and this week still sadly sitting waiting on one contract I have to pay out 3, going on four invoices – all of which I had hoped would be in the bank already, one is 60 days overdue today. Oi. Not the first time a customer’s done that – again I need to find a better way to handle these sorts of things.

I want to get back into the swing of the PS project; I want to get back into the swing of trying to write something every-day. I have pondered the start of the day and the end of the day, at the moment? Leaning towards the start, but imagining it’ll stick to the end. For now? Wrapping it up.

PS:302 – I want a 3D Printer. Part 2.

So as of late, I’ve really wanted to pick up a new 3D Printer kit. I just got a “kids” 3D printer in a new style called a “delta” and it’s pretty nice, a little delicate, but I love the flow of how it works.

So I found one on eBay, I played with making an offer and the seller agreed to shave off $9 from the asking price, not much but best he said he could do – it’s a kit and looks like it’d be fun.

Now I have a decently ranked 3D printer from Wanhao USA it has done great in the past but prior to moving to the new house it had nothing but issues, and sadly even after the move, it is still really hard to get sorted – I’ve tried all the tricks and tips, even a customer who deals with them said they can be a pain lol.

I recently though have been thinking about this idea I had to make it into a functional business for printing things for customers + printing out cosplay gear for some folks I know to be active cosplayer’s – but sadly without the larger printer, I can’t do the big stuff.

So it leaves the question, do I want to pursue it as a job and invest some funds? or do I simply want a fun hobby that I can just print more fun things for me? What to do….

PS:292 — Finding Drive

With as much that is going on lately, the drive to get things going is difficult to find. Late nights are doing work for other people, most of the day doing upkeep of servers, code, etc. I just get to the point of the day when it’s supposed to be “Me!” and as the clock reads even now 1:08 AM, I find myself say “I just want to watch a few videos on YouTube and go to bed.”

I’ve been pondering the idea of a “me” day. I know a tad self-centered, but how I feel lately it seems like it’d be awesome to have and just give me a bit of a boost in doing something. Not for others, but take all that know-how and dump it into fixing up my 3D Printers, taking control of my garage workshop I have in the works (including mounting a small TV I have for the wall) but just get it all nice and setup. Bigger projects too like that of TechFriendly.Help which while I want to make it a business-friendly blog and maybe make some money from it/youtube channel of it, I never have the time as-is.

Sure I am a husband & a dad, no complaints there, important to spend time with the family, even when sadly it means I’m up till 3-4AM working on customer projects – but I need to be the best version of Chuck for my family.

I don’t know what/how that day rolls out, but I need to find some more dedicated time to where I set aside a day/hours for me. Like right now, I was resting, but when I saw the Vlog from the maker of saying that Desk3 was out, I wanted to get the tools to keep things ready to write. I love the interface of Desk previously and 3, so far as I type this? A joy to write on, wish Grammarly worked on it so I can look like I’m a better writer 🙂

Going to try and wrap up for the night, been reading, even have a book on I got for my free trial, I miss reading, but at this point, I’ll take someone reading it to me if it means I take in additional information! Been doing that with the Bible App for a while now, well in addition to pulling out the old trusty Bible from under this monitor – just gotta get in new information!

Night all.

PS:288 – Saturday = Busyday

Like any other today is a work day for a chunk of the day, well part of that chunk is still in the air, but I’m still doing prep work to get it ready at the moment, was thinking about taking the kiddo to CALM, weather has been great and will get less great as time goes forward, but so far she’s asleep, though I may change that soon, need to get her sleep on track again if possible, and nights at 4am.. oi.

Back to work, one sync has finished! Have a great Saturday.

PS:142 – What Next?

I keep asking myself that. I’m exhausted, and it seems more and more things keep cropping up. I was put on a project a while back; then it has gone silent. I was offered a job; then it never moved forward. I was offered ANOTHER job, and it too has just fizzled.

Not sure what is next, but lately I am just trying to move forward and get something rolling because I honestly feel like I am in a rut. Same ol same ol, nothing new.

I did get the 3D Printer up and running some, seems settings/software is one of the big issues – I say this as I did purchase Simplify 3D hoping to have it live up to the hype. Somewhere something has gone wrong, still have hope for the software just need to reach out to their support and see if help can be had. How I know something is wrong is I finally sat down, re-leveled the bed, and made two files, one Gcode from Cura, the other S3D – Cura print, perfect. Smooth, solid. What I’ve wanted! S3D? Not so much. It ate into the print; the raft was weak, something in my settings must be wrong somewhere.

All in all, a lot on my mind. 3D Printing could have some $$$ attached to it; a few folks have asked if I could print things. I’m going to look into craft fair/farmers markets – maybe split it with my cousin who’s an amazing sew’r makes some cool stuff!

TechFriendly Help is on my docket too – I’ve been considering just starting it off as it’s own blog vs. this magazine format I’ve had in my head, and then lean heavily on Social Media & projects that come across my desk to help folks with and make an article out of it. I still have a lot of ideas which I could roll out into the blog over time, but for now, I just feel like I need to GO!

Soon I hope to go to bed. Well, at least I can dream I will go to bed soon.

PS:141 Monday.

Monday’s are never easy. Fresh schedule this week as it is summer break and thus means the Mrs. has her few months break from teaching the future minds of Merica. So a new mix up of time, may not be the final schedule for summer, but it’s a start.

Writing is short lately, tired. Been pondering some video recording for FH, and starting off walking vs. running fro TFH, really just grow it with some Q&A and get it rolling, sounds workable. Right?