New Year, New Directions

So here we are nearly a month down and a lot has gone on, tried a new med or two in the diabetic world, Trulicity is the latest which has had some mixed results, but I am down 10lbs in 2 weeks… so if nothing else it was great for weight loss!

I am once again sitting on the edge of “Where do I go from here?” in the realm of tech. Mac world is really not something I find myself saying “Oooo let’s go buy a new laptop!” nor desktop, nor really any Mac device, it just seems “bleh” to me, and yet the thing that really has caught my eye is Chromebook once again. Writing this post on an ASUS C200M which has Android apps which amazingly lets me do things like JuiceSSH and Slack – so very nice, may invest later this year in a more modern non-beta based Chromebook (Samsung’s Chromebook Pro maybe…)

And business-wise, still in limbo when it comes to a steady job, this past week I had the talk again about getting hired, supposed to have folks get back to me on Monday with more, and the position may be something that has grown as a few other people at the company are gone and I might be required to fill in a few more pairs of boots, so we shall see how that goes.

But things are in motion hopefully for a BIG February, the big 38 this year, and already trying to build up some hype with one of my yearly specials for FlockHosting, but too I am hoping to launch’s update as well as get something simple online for Thrust Networks before I turn 38, the two sites need facelifts, and I hope to get things rolling on them soon.

Really thinking 2018 will be a big year of change. Not just a feeling of “hope” but a feeling of desire to have some things change up, really be a big different year. I want lots of good things, many blessings and a lot of growth.

For now? Back to fixing a slew of issues for customers that happened yesterday while I was down sick. Happy 2018 all.

PS:356 – Back Up and Running!

I ran an upgrade command to update macOS Sierra -> High Sierra which prevents the new FS from being converted just in case, for now, once its better tested by the community, I’ll run it – for now, just don’t want to fiddle with it when it comes to non-standard Mac hardware.

However, nothing happened. The screen was black, no progress, but HD indicator was running non-stop, so let it run, then it just stopped.

Well once I got Clover up I saw it said I was trying to load a 10.13 system, so it upgraded, however, it appeared a number of things simply were not talking 10.13 – so after some forums time I got myself running, upgraded a few kexts and I was running, however, no audio. Some more research I re-installed ACL1150 stuff, and low and behold it’s actually better than it was before! Have all the audio lines listed, and once I get things put back together – gonna be nice.

But playing catchup, had a lot of moving related things this past weekend, and a down computer so a lot of catch-ups tonight, hoping to not be awake too much longer, just super tired. Tomorrow is going to be an even more productive day. Night.

PS:280 – Day of Rest

Got a good chunk of sleep today, sadly I feel like I could use some more, but this week will start with a busy schedule – starts in around 6 hours give or take, granting I can get back to sleep after all the sleep, I’m sure the extra rest will help greatly.

This week I’ve got a meeting in person, a few I think on the phone (if I recall correctly) and a slew of server work which at this point is getting smoother and smoother as I go along and come Friday, some big changes start to roll into motion, which leading into a weekend will be a bit exhausting I’m sure.

For now, laying down and resting. Praying it works so I can get some sleep before an early AM wake up.

PS:198 – New Day

So yesterday I did throw up. Was not fun at all, through my first meeting I got texts galore from a customer who will remain nameless…. which lead to being late for the next tasks I had some work at the LifeFM to accomplish, and I did in the end, just about 1 1/2 hours later than originally planned 🙁

Server issues were insane, cPanel setup kept saying email servers weren’t real, and since I know Gmail and AOL are real, well – it was pesky but got it sorted in the end, but still left me tired.

All in all my noon meeting went over great, some work to do today, but my second meeting I’m now waiting on leg work from the customer – and hopefully today will bring more rest. I blame Lilly for rest last night, we laid down, and here I am. Totally missed a migration I had planned for last night, thankfully it was my plan, not a customer plan but I’m going to check DNS settings (I think the TTL is set to 300 still) and if that is the case, I’m going to flip it around 1pm.

For now going to sneak in a bit of work while the kiddo sleeps. I tried to go back to sleep myself, however still just too much to do and my brain is set on doing it. Happy Tuesday.

PS:2 – Sick

I’ve been sick the last few days, even Monday I felt pretty crummy, hoping that today continues to level it out.

I hate being sick. I hate it, even more, when I’m feeling crummy with the kiddo, but she’s been feeling bad off and on too, puked the other night 🙁 but her sick is even worse than me not feeling good. Me I can push, rest, or whatever I need to function. She doesn’t she looks to me to feel better.

One of the big things that have helped is teething tablets from Hyland’s Baby. They are awesome and work amazingly well! I recently tried their cold tablets to help her stuffy nose, and I kid you not, after even half a dose she was breathing easier! Much quicker than Vicks for her (YMMV) and it’s great they are on Amazon (links above) or if you prefer your local Target!

This week is going to be a busy one!