The Cancer Update

So here’s the update, it’s been 3 insane days but here’s where we are with things.

Monday we got the results of the PET/CT and it’s a mixed bag:

  • Primary Tumor (Esophagus) – Stable, no growth, no loss – standing still, looking good (honestly I think it’s better as swallowing is INSANELY better) so good stuff.
  • Cancer Markers up, it’s in the system actively and some involvement possibly in the lungs 🙁
  • The Standing Treatment Plan: Not too effective. Basically its doing some good as I see it to hold the current mass at bay, but it’s not doing that “all over” clean up we need.
  • Doc suggests a second set of eyes from City of Hope again to really just tag team it and get us on a new plan based upon maybe something new they know!

So that’s where we ended on Monday, thus Daisy got to work on a 2nd opinion from City of Hope – well she took and called got us an appointment for Thursday, but let’s just say Thursday… well became Tuesday. As yesterday at around noon we left home for a trip down to City of Hope as they were able to see us at 2:45 – which led to the following:

  • New plan called Full Fury (sounds epic right?) same course treatment schedule – every 2 weeks, pump for 3 days, few new drugs in the mix, but only one new side effective which can be managed with drugs.
  • Genetic Testing Started – This can open up some new doors for more targeted treatment – results will be in next Tuesday so that’s neat I think, but warned them as a redhead I am a mutant, but they said it didn’t matter lol
  • Was blessed with decent traffic but a day on 1 hour or so of sleep, plus no meds trying to balance out a little left me well, exhausted.

Enter today, follow up with my oncologist, and he agreed on the plan, so he’s kicking it to insurance, we start Monday.

After a wild day though I crashed for like 6 hours, we have a plan, and I have a week off to recoup, and I needed the sleep, I woke up and ran to my mailbox at the UPS Store, was amazed to find blessings galore, some chocolates from a customer thanking me for help & wishing a merry Christmas, and a church I host sent a gift which is HUGELY a blessing and will help pay for a few medical bills I have that need to be sorted – so in all of this still one truth: God is Good.

Currently battling blood sugar inflation due to the steroid I took earlier today, but going to do some light work around the house as energy allows and sugar burns off – but figured I’d get a bit more detailed update than what I normally post to facebook, but thank you all for your prayers, support, even helping with cravings of even boston baked beans 😀 love the support always, helps me stay positive knowing I’m thought and cared for more than I may know on a day to day basis.

Have a blessed night all, I’m off to burn off some sugar!

3 thoughts on “The Cancer Update”

  1. Chuck, You are in my thoughts and prayers! You are such a good person with such a lovely family, I just hope God pulls you through this and lets you get on your your life. Sometimes we cannot see or understand why things happen as they do, but with the friends and especially the family you have surely, God is hearing a lot of prayers for you!!
    Continuing Prayers!!
    Liz Penrod


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