What is Normal?

Honestly, I don’t even know anymore.

For me lately, that’s the thing I’d love to get back is normal. Things keep changing around me – this past week my daughter started KINDERGARTEN! To have a 5 yr old was a big change in all of this, but this year is just flying by and honestly? I don’t even know what the date is some days. Thankfully this digital age has things blinking with the number so I get it after a few hours of waking up.

Pain has been a big deal lately, there was one other thing, but it’s a bit more TMI then I’m prepared to share – but a scare, only to figure out what it was (or what I guess it was) and have some peace, but this week a lot of things go into motion, some shots, some blood work for shots, a CT scan on Friday then next week on Thursday a PET scan, and we’ll know more where we are …. maybe even closer to normal?

Energy has been hit or miss the last few days, even now there’s part of me ready to go go go! Then the other part just wants to lean back and enjoy tunes and not work, but I told a few folks I’d have some things done on Friday, and here we are on Sunday, and things are still not done, and not knowing what is coming Monday (please no Neupogen!) but would like to get a few things done.

The new computer is up and running, nice to have a bit more stability in things, still fine-tuning, one of the monitors I picked up on sale was broken, backlight on the whole left side was dead, so back I go to return it this week – but nice to have things running a lot smoother, and able to get a lot of things done, migrated a site and installed new software tonight.

Normal I will find you. I’ll be back to it soon enough.

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